Unlock the Power of Moodboards

Hey friend,

I'm so glad you've joined me here to talk about * drum roll please* MOOD BOARDS!

Mood boards are so very important for the creative process whether you are building a brand, decorating a space, or planning a photo shoot. You can use them for a variety of purposes because, at their core, they are simply a strategic planning tool.

In case you didn't see it, I'm going to recap my IG post really quick.

Mood boards are:

  1. Strategic

  2. Visual Narratives

  3. Moody!

The strategy behind a mood board is to create a visual representation of the goal or vision you have for a particular project. It serves as a compass that keeps you on track or like guard rails that prevent you from spinning off into different directions. The thought is to plan the direction in advance and flesh it out so that there is no need to change course later on.

Part of the strategy that goes into choosing elements for your mood board is to tell a story through images, textures, and colors. So, for example, I'm developing a yoga brand package and created the mood board shown above. The story I'm telling is of a sophisticated and clean yogi who loves the tropical outdoors. The colors evoke a sense of warmth and calm while the coconut and sea shell textures represent the tropical smells of the beach.